Hoard of the Dragon Queen - MN

Strange Events in Baldur's Gate

Here is the list of strange events Ontharr Frume’s men have observed in Baldur’s Gate, as well as some of the progress the party has made investigating them.

1) Local exotic pets dealers have reported a spike in demand for lizards of all types, particularly magical varieties.

- Swalgar and Eris met an Orc Kitten Salesman, saying he had been pushed out of his pet shop on the docs by lizard dealers.

2) Local theives guild recently fell apart, subtle war going on among leading criminal families.

3) Two noble families – the Devingshires and Crompettes, have recently been drawn into a rivalry, though no one can figure out why.

4) Strange figures have been seen moving around the local brawling and wrestling rings, pulling aside winners and talking with them

- Beef did well at a fight, and was invited to a more exclusive fight later in the week.

5) Dueling with double-sided padded flails has become all the rage among the children of the local nobility

6) Benedict Hightree a minor noble and former guardsmen who came into wealth late in life has started up a large trade company with his son in law, Joriah Westland, despite neither having ever shown an aptitude for trade.

- Barakas has expressed interest in investigating this.

7) The local dwarven community has recently sworn off alcohol entirely.

8) All turnips entering the city have been disappearing from the docks, even when under heavy guard

9) A wandering troup of Gnomes recently passed through, and many local halflings have been imitating their exploits

- Darian found some of these Halflings, and has begun organizing them into a criminal circus.

10) The local homeless have been congregating in a monthly “Hobo Congress” discussing radical political ideas.

- Barakas has been proclaimed King of the Hobo’s, and is attempting to organize them into an information gathering ring.

11) Desertion among the city guard, particularly those assigned to guard the walls at night, has greatly increased.

12) A spate of armed robberies against small street vendors has been observed.

13) Local street urchins have been observed playing a new game involving seven nets, two balls, a rope, and discarded pieces of wood.

14) Drunks travelling home from taverns on Sunday nights have reported assaults my a man with a cape and a black mask, claiming to be “bringing justice to the night.”

15) Mysterious activity around Temple of Eros. Never had a major presence before, has been attracting a lot of people in the last few months.

16) Local orphanages have been completely emptied. While this would normally be a good thing, the “spooky demeanor” of their new “parents” has caused concern.

17) There has been a noticeable increase in wild eyed preachers wandering the streets and damning the gods.

18) Theaters have reported a dramatic increase in demand for plays with darker themes. Plays about the Binding of Tiamat have proven particularly profitable, though some theaters have reported negative reactions to the ending.

19) A chain of nautical themed shops, selling a dark and hot beverage reported to bring “Vim and Vigor” has recently set up business across the city. Despite charging exorbitant prices, they have done great business, and lines out the doors each morning are common.

20) Despite all this strange activity, and a general increase in crime and misbehavior, no murder has been reported to the city guard in the past five weeks.



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