Hoard of the Dragon Queen - MN

Session 3

After a well deserved night’s rest, the party awoke to investigate the cave at the back of the cultists camp. Following Leosin’s request, they were to gather information about the cult’s activities, and hopefully destroy the dragon eggs maturing deep in the cave.

Upon waking, however, the party was stunned to discover Eris had come down with some horrible illness rendering her unable to do anything but trudge behind the party and heal them between combat. Never the less, the party moved to investigate the cave around mid-day, after Darian had scouted ahead and confirmed the main cultist force had left the camp.

Approaching the cave, Beef’s Orc Eyes noticed movement within the entrance. Approaching with caution, the party was prepared when two dangerous looking cult assassins ambushed them in the entrance, and defeated them while receiving only modest injury. While investigating their bodies, Barakas found several strange amulets depicting Tiamat, the five headed goddess of evil dragons. He collected them, and proceeded to find several more throughout the adventure. Ahead, the party saw a set of stars, descending into what appeared to be a fungal garden.

However, Beef alsonoticed a hidden passage toward the back, and set off without informing the party. He found a narrow passage through the rocks, and was slowed down enough for Darian to catch up. Reaching a fork, they headed north to find mostly emptied treasure room, and a single sleeping cultist who Beef bravely crushed into goo. The room was found to contain meager amounts of gold, which the party split amongst themselves.

Moving south down the fork, the party encountered an ambush in a crowded barracks. Swalgar bravely held the front line while Beef and Darian used their impressive athletic abilities to move through the crowded room and flank the enemy. Afterwords, the party patched up, and lined up at a barricaded door, and prepared to breach and clear.

Beef’s mighty blows knocked the door off it’s hinges, and left the guards braced against it prone on the ground. Past them, the party saw a lavishly decorated room, with a large central table, several impressive tapestries, and a pair of well stocked bookshelves. The room contained several cultists and guards, along with a purple robed woman who looked to be in charge. Recognizing her importance, the party prioritized attacking her, with Darian pulling off some Jackie Chan-esq ladder moves to strike her while was still sitting at her desk. Beef followed, leaping onto the table and performing another leaping attack into the center of the fray. While Barakas threw fire all over the place and Swalgar dueled with a single poor guard who was having a truly terrible day, Beef and Darian continued their assault on the cultists robed leader, who received healing and protective spells from her followers. Eventually, she was able to land a Hold Person on both of them, and made a break for a concealed rope ladder. However, Barakas took advantage of his accidental levitation to fling himself across the room and land a Thunderwave, killing the last standing cultist and sending his leader plummeting to the bottom of a pit.

After narrowly dodging a blast of lightning Langdedrose threw up the ladder shaft, the party cut the ladder and looted the room. At the leader’s desk, Darian uncovered a letter written in a language he didn’t understand, and something that appeared to be a ciper book. He also found an extremely impressive set of ceremonial robes, and a pair of scabbards decorated with draconic images. Barakas found several more of the amulets he was collecting. The party withdrew to the barracks, and rested for an hour.

After their rest, the party progressed down the stairs into the fungal garden. Darian scouted ahead a noticed the left path through the garden appeared to me much more used than the left, but as Beef made his way down to join him, he triggered a trap and tumbled down the right path, into a patch of angry, sentient fungi. The party moved quickly to rescue him, with Darian and Barakas using fire to quickly dispatch the dangerous, yet slow moving plants. After this, the party paused, noticed the cave opening into a wide, tall cavern ahead, and …



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