Eris "Stephanos" Vakarian



Eris is a taller than average tiefling with a thinner but sturdy frame. With golden eyes, and two sets of horns that weave together nearly three feet above and around her head, she makes quite the impression. Most notably is that some of her fingers are fused together (pointer and middle on her left, and ring and pinky on her right), and her tail forks in two below her knees. She often dresses in clothing fitting of a noble, but without a coat of arms or sign of a house, preferring yellows, blues, and purples, since the compliment her coppery skin.

How I feel Eris looks when anyone says anything witty in her group to their opposition:


Eris’ father was ecstatic the day his wife told him that she was carrying his first born child. As a noble of Waterdeep, it was his duty to produce a worthy heir who he would raise to carry on the family line. The oracle confirmed that he would have an heir, one that would be famed throughout the world, whose voice would make the world kneel and would be born with a crown upon its head. Eris’ noble parents eagerly awaited the birth of their child, and dreamed of their rise to glory.

Those dreams ended the day Eris was born. Horrified at the sight of their child, born with two sets of horns, fused fingers and a split tail, Eris’ mother lost her mind and will to live. Weeks after Eris’ birth she wandered onto the rooftops and fell to her death. Eris’ father consulted with his advisers and was told to rid himself of the child and seek out a new wife. However, when the time came, Eris’ father could not bring himself to kill the child that even in its form, still resembled his wife. Eris’ father was determined to make the prophecy the oracle told him come true, and began to raise her behind the high walls of their home as his heir.

The public was not as accepting of Eris as her father had been. When he presented her as his heir, it didn’t matter how ready she was, the people refused to let a demon participate in the higher affairs of Waterdeep. Eris’ father was commanded by the Lords to take a second wife and produce a legitimate heir, or be stripped of his titles. Fearing more harm would come to his daughter in the outside world rather than at home, Eris’ father obliged and remarried.

Eris found solace in music after her father remarried. He bought her several instruments and had a tutor brought to the estate. Eris began to fade into the background as her father and his new wife began to have more children, but he continued to teach her and fund her music lessons. Eris poured herself into her instruments and learned to sing.

One night, Eris’ father’s new wife ordered Eris into a carriage with all her things and had her abandoned in the middle of the city. With no money Eris sold most of her valuables and stole to pay for a bed each night. One night, a boy came to her as she practiced her instruments in an alleyway. Eris was surprised to find another tiefling, and one that moved about the city in public without fear. He negotiated for Eris’ first performance, and soon she was performing in every inn and tavern, and even several festivals. She and the tiefling boy grew very close, and he confessed his love one night. Having hardly any money for a ring, he instead presented her with a small silver bell without a clapper, which Eris tied into her hair for good luck.

After a performance in midsummer, a member of a dark cult approached Eris. He claimed that an oracle had spoken of her to him, and that she was chosen to lead his people. Her image was similar to one that the cult worshiped, and that by having her they would be able to bring the world under her rightful rule. In order to do this, she needed to return with him in order to fulfill her true destiny. When she refused, he framed her lover for the attempted murder of a Lord of Waterdeep, and the riot that ensued resulted in his death. However, Eris discovered that day that not only could she use magick, but she could wield it with her music.

Eris fled, but the cult continued to find her everywhere she went. Rather than attempt to catch her, they began to kill everyone close to her. Eris cannot hide because of her fame, but with her sword and her new magick powers she knows now she can protect herself and those around her. Because Eris has fallen in love again, and this time she will be ready to show what happens when you anger the one who wears the crown.

List of people as Eris has come to understand them:

Darian (very attractive, a risk taker)
Beef (impressive in feats of strength)
Swalgar (valiant, a leader)
Barakas (a brash Tiefling)
Fred (poor Fred)
Old Man (Mayor of Greenest, terrible for the position)
Old Man Leosin (Darian’s teacher)
Blue Half-Dragon (arrogant asshole, must serve justice upon)
Black Half-Dragon (without honor, doesn’t like at all)
Crazy cultists (seriously, are all ’’villains’’ this terrible at their jobs?)
Elite cultist (why doesn’t everyone just follow the rules)
Purple-robed woman (had cipher, justice was served)

Eris "Stephanos" Vakarian

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