Darian "Fire-Tongue"

Male Half-Elf Monk




Kilarias and Lucretia had a problem. While they were both very infatuated with one another, that infatuation had led to an untimely pregnancy. Lucretia was very young (impossibly young by elven standards), and both parents knew that there was no way they could support the child on their own, nor could they go to their respective families for help. Instead, they made the almost impossible decision to abandon their baby as soon as it was born. Rushing the small, delicate lump into the wilderness, Lucretia deposited the child with a single note in case someone should happen across him before the elements claimed him. My name is Darian, Thankfully for the child, a troupe of traveling gnomish performers happened upon him not long afterwards. Complimenting the baby on his exquisite penmanship, the leader of the troupe, known as Brawnden Brass-Lip, decided to raise him as his own son.

This obviously did not last. By the age of 8, Darian was clearly taller than his troupe mates, an showed no signs of slowing his explosive growth. Late one night around the fire, Brawnden Brass-Lip confessed Darian’s true origins, nervously clutching at the large sock he wore as a hat. Darian, of course, responded the way any young boy would: “Oh. That makes sense.”

He continued to study with the troupe, his natural recklessness and physique lending itself to tumbling, juggling, and fire-breathing. Soon he was performing in shows alongside his make-shift family, flirting with death, danger, and female audience members. Things did not always go smoothly, of course. Often he would find himself ridiculed by those that looked down on performers, gnomes, and half-breeds. But a thick skin, a strong left hook, and a pre-planned escape route meant that he was never terribly troubled and was able to remain perpetually jaunty and at ease.

By the time he was old enough to travel on his own, Darian had mastered enough skills for Brawnden Brass-Lip to bequeath him an honorary gnomish name: “Fire-Tongue.” Unfortunately for the young half-elf, he also appears to have bequeathed the gnomish sense of humor: namely poking harmless fun at authority figures. Apparently not all authority figures take being imitated in a silly voice before being burned in effigy in the same stride that gnomes do (despite its constant success as a crowd-pleaser). Now Darian is constantly on the move, bouncing (and juggling and fire-breathing) from one town to the next in a constant search for fun, beauty, and a free meal. This quest has brought him to Greenest, where he has done his best to avoid any conflict that does not directly involve him. He is still very bad at it.

List of people as Darian has come to understand them:
Eris (gorgeous music, level-headed, politicall minded)
huge, ripped half-orc Beef (lifts, Broseph Stalin, Broseiden King of the Brocean, pirate king now I guess)
Swalgar of the Awesome Name (has an awesome name, honorable)
Fire Hobo Barakas (lots of fire)
Fred (likes candy, has a “girlfriend” who works at a bakery, has no authority and a cushy job)
Crazy Old Man (Mayor of Greenest, might have a name???)
Old Man Laosin (capable kung-fu master, suspect does not sleep)
Longest Road the Blue Half-Dragon (one-and-done’d Swalgar, had a stupid name, apparently did not know that dragon eggs are huge, ded)
Reservoir Dogs the Black Half-Dragon (has a stupid name)
Crazy cultists (lots of money, easily fooled, used to forget Sanctuary was a bonus action)
Elite cultist (carry huge swords, are bastards)
Ratatouille (-apparently- definitely an asshole, had lots of nice stuff)
Mushrooms (flame broil quite nicely)
Purple-robed woman (Apparently has TERRIBLE handwriting, I can’t read a word of this, ded)
Jimbo (Greenest informant, fellow student of Laosin)
Rose and Nathaniel (Nice couple in Eturiel)
Little Timmy Pockets (10 year old cartographer)
Anna (halfling strumpet, great for causing trouble)
Arthur Throom (part of Order of the Gauntlet, sounds brotastic)
The Darrington Brothers (decent guys, got themselves caught, got us a free ride)
Captain Stoneaxe (should not be on the water, lots of gods, none of them water based)
Aristotle Jones (awesome name)
Timmy Aristophanes (protege, learns quickly, fits in burlap sack)

Darian "Fire-Tongue"

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