Male Tiefling Seeks Vengeance on Love's Killer


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Note: Barakas tends to keep the company of the homeless while traveling. As a result, he is a practitioner of the “Hobo Crazy Eye,” supplemented with the eye-changing quality of Thaumaturgy. Reference to “Hobo Crazy Eye” is a shorthand description of the act of casting Thaumaturgy on the eyes and giving the eye.


As Barakas shut himself away from society after his exile, his sense of eloquence has dissipated. As such, he tends to act more…odd…than one would expect. As the story progresses, Barakas’s mannerisms will be more apparent, as he is acclimated into the social scene.


The life of a Tiefling is scarcely easy. Abandoned as a child in the slums of Waterdeep, Barakas had only known wandering his entire life. He had only the knowledge of his name, “Barakas,” meaning “weakly” in his ancestral tongue. During his adolescence, Barakas began to manifest magical energy. From where, he did not know; likely due to his heritage, but he never did figure out just how his power came to be. Over time, he would discuss his plight with fellow wanderers in order to help understand what was manifesting within his body.

His travels eventually led him to Baldur’s Gate, a more experienced spellcaster than when his travels began, though still spontaneous in nature. He earned the respect of the nobleman Benedict Hightree and began service in his home as an aid. During the months he worked for the family, he befriended the lord’s daughter, Sophia, and quickly became friends. He was overcome with emotion for this girl, and would do anything to protect her, but held himself back, concerned that his untamed magic potential would destroy her and those she cared for. As such, Barakas became a silent lover, watching from afar.

News of this infatuation caught wind with the nobleman, whom frowned on the idea of a commoner being in love with his daughter. An arranged marriage was announced…and Barakas was given an invitation to the reception. He arrived, as was custom, to the reception, taking an opportunity in the evening to talk to Sophia directly about the arrangement. In the end, they talked of simpler times and he entertained her with simple magic tricks, bringing a smile to her face in a time of great sadness for her.

As he left, Sophia handed Barakas a token; a locket with a picture of herself inside, a way to remember her as she was as a maiden. It would be the last time the two would ever speak. Moments later, an alarm was raised and guards rushed to the room…to find Sophia lying on the ground, charred to the bone by flame.

Immediately, Hightree accused and exiled Barakas for the murder of his daughter Sophia. Not wanting to cause more concern, Barakas accepted the charge and accepted the sentence. He continued to wander, from city to city, town to town, learning and researching as to how she could have possibly been murdered, and by whom. Feeling close to discovering who was responsible, he set forth to a small village that may contain the final piece of the puzzle…

Contacts (aka People He Knows Outside In-Game Sessions):

Benedict Hightree – 58, Nobleman that resides in Baldur’s Gate. Retired guardsman who came into wealth. Had one daughter, two sons.

Sophia Hightree – 24, Daughter of Benedict Hightree, the youngest of the Hightree children. Barakas’s beloved, killed by fire.

Pickles – ???, Gnome illusionist he came across during his travels. Taught him how to control his magic, though not very well. Doesn’t speak of him much; may be convinced that Pickles is, in fact, a figment of his imagination

Joriah Westland – 32, Associate of Benedict Hightree, Sophia’s fiance and widow. Fascinated with magic.

Zekial (Zeh-kee-ahl) – ??? (will look up ages later), Dragonborn warrior Barakas encountered during his travels. Red dragon lineage, servant of Bahamut (Essentially, Paladin of Vengence). Closest person Barakas would consider a friend.

“Lady Lovelace” – ???, A woman Barakas met during his travels. Assumed using a fake name, blackmails people that visit her brothel. Barakas helped her when she was in trouble, and quickly disassociated with her after finding out her business. Real identity unknown.

Notes on Party & Key Characters:

Eris – Same breed, honor-bound and wants to do what is “right”. Has bigger horns than me.
Swalgar – Local do-gooder type half-orc, good in a fight, carries reputation
Beef – Large half-orc who enjoys lifting. Attracts middle age halfling women.
Darian – Also likes fire. May have found new soul mate.

Nighthill – I’ve seen hobos run soup kitchens better than he runs Greenest.
Fred – Like an incontinent cat; endearing but would not want him around my person.
Lange…Langdorr…Blue Dragon Guy – Oddly honor-bound, irritated by fire, more irritated by axes in face. Deader than dead.
Purple-Robed Cultist – Can’t fly.
Mayor of Town we were just in because the person controlling my mind can’t remember the name: Hilariously easy to manipulate.
Darian’s Friend: Wise old man.


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