Hoard of the Dragon Queen - MN

Session 2

The Camp

After a much needed rest following the raid on Greenest, the party (excluding Beef the Barbarian, who awoke early to lift) was woken by Mayor Nighthill with an ill thought out request to investigate the raider’s camp. The party accepted his truly absurd offer of compensation, and left with defector Fred in tow, to investigate the camp.

On the way out of town, they were approached by a monk who recognized Darian “Fire-Tongue”, and asked him to look for their mentor Leosin Erlanthar, who had been abducted during the raid while gathering information on the Cult of the Dragon. Darian agreed, snuck the young monk some liquor, and arranged for him and his companions to stay the night in the keep.

Initially, the party attempted to be stealthy, but stumbled headfirst into a group of mercenaries and kobolds who had fallen behind. Some fast talk from Darian convinced them they were interested in signing up with the Cult. The stragglers warned the party of a rear guard at a pass up ahead, which they were able to bypass through ciming a collapsed bluff wall. Darian and Beef raced to the top, with Darian winning by a hair’s breadth. Once the way was confirmed clear, the party scaled with the help of a rope, decided to not attack the rear guard, and proceed toward the Cult’s camp.

The party managed to enter without difficulty, despite their late arrival, but shortly afterwords Swalgar Grokensharn was recognized by a cultist. Swalgar chased after this cultist, and …dissuaded Eris “Stephanos” Vakarian from following. He met Langdedrosa Cyanwrath again, expressed his admiration, and was escorted from the camp. He spent the remainder of the chatting with the centuries and gathering information about the cult and it’s mercenaries.

From here, the party split up to investigate the camp, in their own unique ways.

Beef headed straight to the mercenary’s section of the camp, and proceeded to party the night away. He defeated another Half-Orc in an arm wrestling contest, impressed everyone around with Feats of Strength, and eventually made some money arm wrestling all comers with the help of Barakas .

Speaking of Barakas, he and Darian began the night by conning some money from a Cult of the Dragon paymaster. After this, Barakas asked some probing questions to Cult members, drew attention to himself, and eventually joined Beef around the camp fire.

Darian snuck off to find Leosin. He found him tied up away from the rest of the prisoners in rather rough shape, and learned he had allowed himself to be captured to learn more about the cult’s activities. Leosin informed Darian that the cult had been raiding communities across the realms, and paying far too well for mercenary assistance with these raids. He had also learned of a Half Black Dragon named Rezmir, who appeared to be a high ranking member of the cult. Rezmir had visited the camp, but was not currently there, and had a clutch of Black Dragon eggs maturing the the cave toward the back of the camp. He asked Darian to investigate the cave when the main body of raiders left the camp the next morning, and assured him he could sneak off on his own without being noticed.

Eris performed a song for Langdedrosa about his valor and skill in battle, much to his approval. She was then instructed to perform for the mercenaries, and did so. After putting on quite the show, she investigated the camp, spending some time at the entrance with Swalgar and the guards, and some time attempting to talk her way into the cave, to no avail. As the night wore on, she returned to the mercenary camp, performed a bit longer than she was welcome, and drew attention to herself. When instructed by Cultists to let the hired help sleep, she claimed she was merely attempting to stir in them a love of Tiamat, which didn’t go over that well. She was praised for her enthusiasm, instructed to show up in the morning to begin initiation into the Cult, and told to go to bed.

During this whole kerfuffle, Darian and Beef restrained Barakas from joining in on Eris’s plan, and possibly making things much worse.

From here, the party sought to sneak out of the camp. They freed a pair of young prisoners, snuck out, and met up with Swalgar. The party decided to camp nearby, out of the way of the raider’s likely path, and investigate the cave on the morrow.

At some point along the way, Fred was lost. Did he fall in a ditch? Get lost? Rejoin the cult for their truly world-class compensation and benefits package? Or merely return to his dark fortress, to continue manipulating events across the Sword Coast, to eventually be revealed as the true mastermind behind these events? Only time will tell………..

OOC – Few notes. First off, expect the pace of leveling to slow down from here on out. The “episodes” into which the campaign is divided tend to get longer from here on out, and I will be padding a few of the duller ones out with some side plots related to the party’s backgrounds. Unless our sessions run very long, a level a session shouldn’t be the norm from here on out.

Also, last night i had a good time with the lighter, “drunken’s and dragons” tone. Obviously, we don’t need to chug skittles vodka every session, but I’d appreciate feedback if the rest of the group liked it as well. If we’d like the game to be generally irreverent and light hearted like last night, I can certainly make that happen


I don’t mind a drunken and dragon session every so often, so long as when we are able to buckle down and focus when the story calls for it.

Session 2

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