Hey all,

Thanks for cooperating with me and agreeing to try out this site. I’m planning to use it to help track a few things. Specifically …

1) Under Adventure Log, I’ll be typing up summaries of what happens in each session. I may also type up a “Session Zero” background information entry, just to get written down everything I’ve told you.

2) Under Characters, I’ll be typing up summaries of major NPC’s, to help you (and me) track them.

3) Under maps, I’ll be updating a map showing where we are at in the campaign.

On your end, I’d appreciate it if you created entries for your characters under the Characters tab. Anna basically did her whole character sheet, but this isn’t necessary. Just basic background information you’re ok sharing would be a good starting point, but more information is never a bad thing.

Finally, since I’d need to pay a monthly fee to get things like messaging and email notifications, I imagine I’ll be using Facebook and phone for coordinating sessions. If we really like this though, I’ll look into paying and see if it’s worth it.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - MN

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